Ayurvedic Consultation

30 days of Unlimited Yoga for $30 

after 30 days, $79 monthly, with 12 month contract or $99 no contract

Advance sign up required (download wellness living achieve from your app store)

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.  

Choosing the right class package is dependent on how often you practice.

If you come once a month the 10 class package is perfect. Come once a week? go for Tier 1, its a great deal.

Spirit Rising Yoga memberships are easy and affordable.

$79.00 with `12 month commitment

Tiered Memberships

**Tier 1 - (1 x per week) $54/month $13.50/class (over 60 - $44/month)

**Tier 2 - (2 x per week) $84/month $10.50/class  

Unlimited memberships

**Monthly unlimited $108/month 1 month (no contract no autobill)  

6 month unlimited - $534 ($89 per month) 

One year unlimited - $975


All memberships offered are based on monthly recurring auto-debit payment.

If you wish to cancel your membership, we require a 30-day written notice to [email protected]

To upgrade or downgrade your current membership, there is no charge.

Classes do not roll over.

We do not issue refunds for Class Packs, Workshops, Trainings or Memberships.

Class Pack Tickets may be shared.

Memberships cannot be shared.

Short Term Only (not recommended, but available)

  • Single Class Pack (1 x) = $20/class  
  • 10 class pack = $150 Valid for three (3) months from date of purchase. Class Pack Tickets may be shared. Drop in classes  
  • 20 class Pack = $270  Valid for six (6) months from date of purchase. 

Drop in Classes

  • $20  
  • Under 12... $12 
  • Under 18... $15
  • Over 60...$15

Other Services

Private Yoga Lesson ... $90                        
Private Group Yoga Class ... $100. - $125, tbd                         
Hypnotherapy $90                                        
Reiki ...  $90 (package of 3 $250)                 

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