Our Philosophy

Spirit Rising offers a different kind of experience...

When the body is a strong container for the energy of life, prana can be felt as both energizing and calming.  Spirit Rising Yoga was created to allow one to feel that dynamic silkiness of prana moving through open channels of our body and energy centers.

We believe in healing as a whole. As we grow, we elevate the spirit in new ways... expanding consciousness and creating a peaceful way to experience life.  When connecting to others who walk this same path, all manner of miracles occur... we shed heavy layers of tension, heal old wounds and the spirit can rise to greatness.

When you see something that can be changed for the better, you need to do all that you can to change it.  Creating a yoga studio that is welcoming to all, soul nurturing and consciousness expanding is not only a great honor and joy but my life purpose.

The only way to have the world we want is to create it.

Meet Our Instructors


Lisa Shumway
E-RYT 500 Kripalu Yoga Teacher, RYT 500 Kripalu Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, 200 hr. certification in Ayurveda, 500 hrs of Ayurveda Health Coach Training. Cht. Reiki Master/Teacher/Certified Aromatouch Therapist -Studio Owner

Lisa is a 500 hr. Registered Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT)  as well as a 500 hr. Ayurveda Yoga Teacher and has been practicing yoga for morethan 20 years. Lisa is a 500 hr. registered yoga teacher certified through the Kripalu School of Yoga & Ayurveda in Lenox Massachusetts and will be certified as an Ayurveda Health Counselor in June 2021. To date, Lisa has over 900 hrs. of training. Through the practice of yoga, ayurveda and meditation, Lisa has developed a passionate belief in our abilities to take control of our own health. Healing our minds and bodies with the benefits of these holistic practices.Lisa's classes include pranayama (breathe work), meditation and using the teachings of Ayurveda to offer classes to bring us in balance with nature. You will often be guided into the subtler layers of your being, that which is flowing beneath it all - Life Force pulsing inside. Working in the energy layer helps you connect to your vitality and radiance. In addition to her Yoga certification, Lisa is a Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master & Teacher. Lisa is the lead teacher for our 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training. Lisa has studied with Shiva Rae, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Larissa Hall Carlson, Dr. John Douillard, Dr. Rosy Mann, Sudha Carolyn Lundeen, Stephen Cope, Noah Maze and Rocky Herron as well as Energy Medicine with Donna Eden. 

Lisa left her executive career in 2012 to commit herself full time as a teacher and student of yoga.

Lisa has taught over 3400 studio classes as well as multiple teacher trainings, workshops and corporate events/yoga. 

Lisa is available for private yoga lessons, group yoga, corporate yoga and meditation as well as private Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Aromatouch.

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Allison Acton - RYT200

Allison has been practicing yoga on and off for the past 15 years. After finding Spirit Rising Yoga & Meditation in 2015 she devoted herself to a more focused practice which led to earning her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Spirit Rising Yoga in January 2017. In addition to her yoga certification she is a practicing registered nurse.

Yoga and meditation has been an outlet for her to discover the peace from living in the present moment, and staying centered when the world around us may seem chaotic. As a yoga instructor she hopes to cultivate self-awareness for others to discover self-love, honesty, and learn how to fuel their own inner fire for positive change.

Laura Deierlein - RYT200

Laura loves the balanced energy that embraces her desires to be on-the-move, career-focused and adventuresome. She is a believer that yoga adds a harmony and self-awareness that enhances our outward relationships while opening a door to be better friends to our own selves.

Laura received her 200-hour teacher certification through Spirit Rising in 2012. She has not stopped learning since, including workshop credits with Elysabeth Williamson and Donna Eden at Kripalu Center for Yoga. Influenced by her time at a yoga ashram in northern India in 2014, Laura was immersed in Kundalini-style meditation, pranayama & chanting, simplistic living & eating, and postures and theories of yoga. Believing that lives can be changed by “Opening the Heart” and inspired by her mentors’ varied methods, Laura enjoys practicing and teaching creative versions of traditional yoga flows while offering a deeper view of the many facets that are yoga.

Deanna DiPonio - CYT


I started yoga about 6 years ago. I was hooked immediately and felt an instant connection to Stacey and the Spirit Rising studio. It felt like coming home. I was always wanting to learn more and felt like a sponge around Stacey, wanting to soak up as much information as I could. So the next step for me was the teacher training program. It was fascinating and life changing. Once I got over the initial fear, I embraced the current that was leading me. I was certified February of 2013.

Yoga has taught me so many things about myself and others. It has helped me to have more patience and stay centered. But the main thing has been how I have accepted change and overcame the fear that comes with it. Change is inevitable. It's a part of life. The sooner we learn how to "breathe and let go", the smoother the journey or ride will be. I just wish I would've had yoga when my kids were smaller. It sure would've helped. 

Kim Haas - RYT


After tip-toeing around the edges of yoga for almost twenty years, Kim fully committed to a yoga practice in the Fall of 2012 which quickly led to the Spirit Rising Yoga Immersion program, culminating in her 200-hour yoga teacher certification. As a writer, Kim found so many connections between the practice of yoga and writing that she designed a class that combines both. She is honored to share her love of writing and yoga as a way to connect to your own heart and the heart of your practice. Although she has just started on this life-changing path, she firmly believes in the power of yoga to heal and transform body, mind, emotions and spirit and hopes to open that possibility up to her students.

Debbie - RYT


Debbie’s first yoga experience was in 2013 when a friend brought her to Spirit Rising. In 2016 she deepened her practice with Lisa Shumway’s 200 hour teacher training and discovered the spiritual side of yoga. Debbie has continued to learn by studying with Dianne Bondy (Yoga for All), Carrie Gaynor (Fascial Stretch), and Lynne Baum (Yin Yoga). She earned her Yin Yoga certification in early 2020. Debbie loves to use props, chairs, and walls to help her students gain access to a variety of poses. 

Maria McEvoy - RYT


Maria had been hearing the call to start yoga practice for several years before she answered it. It took development of an autoimmune disease to get her to listen to her own body. Starting slowly with just one class per week, the deep relaxation from the breath work, and the sense of satisfaction with the asana practice helped her to learn to listen to her body. Working as Nurse Practitioner brought much stress, and yoga helped her to learn to breathe into life. After 6 years of practice, the call to teach came. Having taken 200 hr Teacher training through Spirit Rising, walking that eight limbed path Maria seeks to share that ability to breathe into life to any who ask for it. Maria has also been blessed to be able to go to Kripalu for additional training on Stress Management for Health Care through the RISE program, and is scheduled to spend a week learning the Science of Yoga, for the nursing nerd in her. When not working in Health Care or teaching yoga, she enjoys spending time with her husband, cat and dog; with her 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren, and playing in her garden. 


While working as the Health & Wellness Director for Northville Parks and Recreation, Stacy obtained her 200 RYT from Balance Yoga Therapy in 2015, lead by a student of Yogarupa Rod Stryker, the founder of ParaYoga. Stacy was attracted to this method of teaching because  ParaYoga’s perspective is that practice should be empowering you to thrive in every area of your life. In ParaYoga, we teach that you can vary the way you practice and that there are many possible outcomes of practice. The aim and reach of this practice is to positively influence  all aspects of your life, on and off the mat. 

Stacy’s intention is to create an environment in her classes where each student feels comfortable and confident, regardless of their size, shape, age, flexibility or experience.  

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