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Yoga Teacher Training

Its time for you...
Expand your mind, Fuel your Passion, Deepen YOUR practice

No experience or previous training are necessary for this course - only a desire to find your authentic self.  Establish or deepen a daily asana and meditation practice, learn to live and teach yoga while opening to the radiance of who you are.  


The Yoga Teacher Training program has two parts.

Part one, Deepening your Practice, is for anyone interested in learning more about yoga and taking their practice to the next level.

Deepening your practice is available to anyone interested in shedding their old ways and bad habits and shifting into a new space of strength, peace, confidence and compassion.  Desire to teach is NOT necessary.  If you have had interest in teacher training and thought "I want to deepen my practice but don't know if I want to teach" then this program is for you! Here is a review from one of our recent participants:

"In the fall of 2016, I participated in the "Deepening Your Practice" course at Spirit Rising Yoga.  I had no intention of moving on to the teacher training module, I just wanted to improve my own yoga practice and to explore the spirituality side of it.  Over the course of 17 sessions, we played with the poses and emphasized the energy of the practice.  We learned about energy lines, chakras, meridians, nadis, koshas, layers of energy and how to tap into it to help us heal.  We touched on Ayurvedic medicine, learned anatomy, practiced meditation, mantras and mindfulness.  We read from several sources and had many fascinating discussions ranging finding our edge in physical practice, to living the Yamas and Niyamas, to the underlying spirituality of yoga as an individual connection to "Source".  I learned new insight and a different way of thinking regarding everyday interactions.  I started the process of letting go of old emotional scars, learned to see others with less judgement and found a measure of peace.  I have learned to forgive myself for being "perfectly imperfect" .  And, along the way I made friends with a fabulous group of ladies.  Thank you, Lisa, for guiding us, encouraging us and gently nudging me until the lesson finally clicked into place.  You have given me many "aha" moments and a new way of looking at life, spirit and the interconnectedness of those around us. I am so very pleased that I joined this course.  Because my best is yet to come!"                                  - Jackie

Deepening Your Practice is for anyone serious about deepening their practice, opening their heart and expanding their soul.

Part two, Tools for a Teacher, will include class observation and in depth methodology on how to teach Spirit Rising Yoga. If you are interested in becoming a teacher then both parts are necessary.   
Not sure if this is right for you? Not sure if its the right time?
Read what a student in a previous class had to say about Deepening Your Practice Immersion.

"What can I say, Spirit Rising is my Happy Place!! The studio energy, positivity, friendly students, and knowledgeable teachers brought me to this studio and kept me coming back for more. After practicing here for 6 years, I am now a proud member of the Yoga Teaching community that has emerged from Spirit Rising. I am humbled by the love and guidance Lisa has provided me on this very special journey. I encourage everyone to start their Yoga journey today! and Spirit Rising is an excellent place to start!!"

                                              - Anna R.


♦  Pranayama (breath) to energize, strengthen or calm the body and mind
♦  Utilize the breath to bring healing
♦  14 meridian lines and how they are used in asana, calming nervous system and strengthen immunity
♦  Benefits of asana including why and how they work
♦  Deepen your understanding of poses and their effects
♦  Asana sequencing to strengthen the body and create a balanced practice
♦  The muscular-skeletal components of selected postures and how to safely find poses for your body (or your students)
♦  Yoga history, the wisdom of the Yoga Suturas and and how they can cultivate a new understanding of a modern world.
♦  Introduction to Ayurveda and how its wisdom assists practice
♦  Learn about the foods we eat and how to have a healthy diet. Learn about GMO's and organic


♦  The ability to concentrate and improve memory
♦  A stronger immune system
♦  Increase strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance
♦  A strong connection to self, and how to connect to others
♦  Confidence, self esteem, expression of your authentic self
♦  Shed your past wounds and create a stronger self

Included in Immersion tuition

♦  Unlimited yoga classes
♦  Course binder and class materials (excluding books).
♦  Strong roots into our yogic community
♦  Mentoring process to become a strong teacher

Deepening Your Practice Immersion Dates:Fall 2019 


6:45 pm- 10 pm


11:45 am - 5 pm

Sept 11, 18, 25
15, 22
Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 13, 20, 27
Nov 6, 13 3, 10

must also attend 2 additional studio classes per week

Tools of a Teaching (Part 2)

♦  Mentoring process to be a yoga teacher
♦  Observing classes from a teachers perspective
♦  The skills necessary to teach yoga - Sequencing intelligence
♦  Detailed direction in how to teach Spirit Rising Yoga
♦  To read the body and adapt poses appropriately for your students
♦  Enhancements, modifications and adjustments for all students

Tools for a teacher Dates

Wednesday's 6:45 pm - 10 pm Sunday's 11:45 pm- 4:45 pm
Nov. 13, 20 17, 24
Dec. 4, 11 8, 15

Included in Part 2 Yoga Alliance Certification tuition:

♦  Class observations & assisting
♦  One additional yoga class a week (3 total)
♦  Mentoring process to be a confident teacher

The Yoga Teacher Training program has two parts.  Part one is Deepening your Practice Immersion.  Part two will include class observation and in depth methodology on how to teach Spirit Rising yoga. If you are interested in becoming a teacher then both parts are necessary.  Deepening your practice is available to anyone interested in shedding their old ways and bad habits and shifting into a new space of strength, peace, confidence and compassion.   

**No refunds account credit only

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Part 1 Deepening Your Practice Books
Science of Breath is available by PDF

Part 2, Tools for Teaching books

This program exceeds the Yoga Alliance requirements and is a Registered Yoga Alliance School.

We are State of Michigan certified school.

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Reiki Training

Reiki simply means source energy.  It is the Universal life force energy and is all about love, balance & empowerment.  Ki is the crucial indicator of life and our connection to spirit. Ki is related to the Hindu term PRANA believed to be the nutritive subtle energy that is taken in during the process of breathing. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Training consists of 3 levels, each a minimum of 21 days apart. Students will learn history, hand placement, philosophy and all of the necessary information to practice confidently.  Each level includes an attunement process where by Reiki is transferred from teacher to student.

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  • "After years of doing another form of exercise and not getting the results I truly wanted, I began looking into yoga, and through my search found Spirit Rising. Is it corny to say I’ve found an instant connection to a better me? Not only is my physical health improving in just a short time, but my mental and spiritual health as well. I am deeply indebted to this tribe for bringing me to this place of self awareness. And an extra bonus-my daughter has joined me, and for the first time in a long time, we are having better connections together"