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Spirit Rising offers a different kind of experience...

An experience that is all about your personal growth and healing. Creating a yoga studio that is welcoming to all, soul nurturing and consciousness expanding. We believe in healing as a whole.  As we grow, we elevate the spirit in new ways. Shed heavy layers of tension, heal old wounds and tap into inner peace. Offering a variety of classes that support your personal journey.  From gentle and calming, to energizing and challenging.  You will always find a welcoming home on your mat.

Feed Your Spirit and watch it grow!


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Friday, May 10 th.  6:00 - 8:00


Yin yoga is a passive deep stretch practice. We will combine this with guided awareness of sensation, fascial connection and energy lines.
Unlimited members can attend at no charge.

Friday, May 17 th.  6:00 - 8:00
Embracing Sensitivity
"Have you received the unsolicited advice to “toughen up,” “grow thicker skin,” or “stop crying” more than once? Have you been told you’re “too sensitive?” Do you take seemingly small things more personally than feels necessary?

In this workshop, we will use guided imagery, journaling, magic melting paper, and a little bit of yoga to honor sensitivity as the gift that it can be when looked at from a new perspective, while expanding our ability to set and maintain emotional boundaries. No prior yoga experience is needed to benefit from this workshop!" 

Cost: $30


Liquid Energy Flow w/Stacey Bell


Cost: $65 before May 31 - $75 After 

Teen Meditation Series July 11 - Aug. 22

aInto The Magic Shop ~ A 7 Week Guided Book Class for Teens

 With Trice Berlinski, Mindfulness Educator & Co-Founder of The Michigan Collaborative for Mindfulness in Education.

Whether your teenager is riddled with anxiety, as they strive for the perfect grades, navigate drama, or struggles to stay focused, this class will give them the coping skills they need. The participants will learn to connect to their inner guidance through a fascinating journey with Dr. James Doty as he shares his experience from one summer when he was 12 years old and how that experience led him to an unpredictable but successful future. Trice will facilitate each class with thoughtful discussion and guided practices.

Ultimately, the participants will learn why Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, and Love are integral to success. 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ‘’Magic is believing in yourself.  If you can do that, you can make anything happen’’ - an inspirational quote to use when marketing the class.

In addition, here is a review from the session I did last year: "I didn't want to take this class because I didn't want to spend my summer break reading. My mom told me I didn't have to continue the class if I didn't like it after the first meeting, however I couldn't wait to return each week, and I plan to take the class again next summer."

Book reviews:
"Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon's Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart" is both a fascinating journey of a successful neurosurgeon and entrepreneur as well as a remarkable prescription for creating a much happier and healthier individual so that those same benefits can be shared with the entire human population. It is an ambitious goal, but one that more and more people feel dedicated to achieving; especially in a world where hatred, injustice and intolerance seem to predominate in our media and in our politics." 
"I recently had 8 high school students through my non-profit program read this book and to say that it was impactful--for both the students and my team--is an understatement." Dr. Doty's story reinforced the idea that no matter where one comes from or how rough their upbringing is, a combination of the right mindset and the compassion of those around us can expand our horizons and propel us to achieve things beyond our wildest dreams. Dr. Doty's narrative of resilience, grit, and standing up for ourselves is easy to follow along with and inspirational for readers at any stage in life. We were blessed to meet with Dr. Doty during our program in Silicon Valley and some of our students welled up after Dr. Doty reiterated to them the importance of compassion and affirmed their hopes and dreams. Dr. Doty is a truly remarkable and compassionate human being and we can all learn and be inspired by his story. "Into the Magic Shop" is a highly recommended read"

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1st degree Reiki training & attunement.
Reiki 1 will prepare you for the transfer of Reiki from teacher to student. You will learn proper techniques for transferring Reiki to self and others.

Reiki is a pure form of healing not dependent on individual talent. Anyone attuned to Reiki can channel the healing.

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Spirit Rising Yoga teacher Kim Haas has many talents.  She is a mom, yoga teacher, writer, spiritual seeker & creative inspiration.  Now she is using all of these together as a writer and editor for Elephant Journal!  Come here each week to see what Kim as to offer about yoga, her path & the greater picture of life...

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  • "After years of doing another form of exercise and not getting the results I truly wanted, I began looking into yoga, and through my search found Spirit Rising. Is it corny to say I’ve found an instant connection to a better me? Not only is my physical health improving in just a short time, but my mental and spiritual health as well. I am deeply indebted to this tribe for bringing me to this place of self awareness. And an extra bonus-my daughter has joined me, and for the first time in a long time, we are having better connections together"