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Highlight of the Week

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Do you experience Headaches? Depression? Sinus congestion? Back pain? TMJ? Ringing in your ears? Then read on, because this gentle healing is for you.

100% Organic, non GMO

Spirit Rising is 100% Organic. Each class is crafted for who is in the room and your specific personal needs.  There are no cookie cutter classes where each practice is the same old thing...

Our goal is that each time you come to the mat, you feel that we were talking only to you and that the class was tailored for exactly what you need.

Pose of the Week

Sometimes class, as yummy as it is, doesn't give you the opportunity to ask questions about being in the pose "right"... Lots of verbal directional cues, seeing someone next to you, watching the teacher, it can be a little over whelming and confusing.  Well if you have ever wanted to know more about how to do a pose, then this is the right place!  Each week we will detail a different pose. 



This week let’s look at Janu shirshasana...  head of the knee pose


This seated forward fold is a tease.  A big fat tease.  You would think its about getting your head to your knee - its not.  It is about the length of your spine, your front leg and opening the bent hip.  Easy enough, but there are a few tricks to the pose that will really make a difference! 



To begin… read more

Whats Going on

What NOT to miss

Get a quick look at all the things happening at Spirit Rising. Make sure to check out the events page to read more about it.  

hamsa keep calm and om


4/25 Yoga 101, Basic workshop

4/26  7 am Slow Flow Vinyasa, NEW Class

4/26 Aerial Yoga Workshop 

4/27  7:45 am Mindful Hatha, NEW Class

5/3 to 5/10 Journey to Peru  

June, Tools for a Teacher- Part 2 of Teacher Training

Shakti Workshop... coming soon

Mesa Carrier connection ... coming soon


Come on in, and Let Your Spirit Rise!

Elephant Journal

Spirit Rising Yoga teacher Kim Haas has many talents.  She is a mom, yoga teacher, writer, spiritual seeker & creative inspiration.  Now she is using all of these together as a writer and editor for Elephant Journal!  Come here each week to see what Kim as to offer about yoga, her path & the greater picture of life...

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Follow each entry to Elephant Journal for the entire article and leave a note here (or there) with your thoughts.

New to Yoga?

how do i start yoga?

Ready to start yoga and don't have a clue what to do?? 

You have heard yoga is good for you but what does one wear?  What class should you take? What do you do? Will everyone know you’re new? Downward facing what?

You want to feel good, to have more energy and replace some, well, flab with muscle, right??

Of course you do... we all do!

Email or Call now (810) 220-8571 to schedule a complementary consultation.



The term Namaste is ubiquitius in the yoga pracice.  The mudra, the word, the feeling.  It is an icon of the total practice, the yogic way of life and of the roots from which the practice grew.  But do you know what it means?  I say namaste not because I am Hindu, or because thats what a yoga teacher says, but because I resonate with the feeling of the term.

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