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Spirit Rising offers a different kind of experience...

An experience that is all about your personal growth and healing. Creating a yoga studio that is welcoming to all, soul nurturing and consciousness expanding. We believe in healing as a whole.  As we grow, we elevate the spirit in new ways. Shed heavy layers of tension heal old wounds and tap into inner peace. Offering a variety of classes that support your personal journey.  From gentle and calming, to energizing and challenging.  You will always find a welcoming home on your mat.

Feed Your Spirit and watch it grow!

The evolution of a yogi...

A Testimonial


Kjersti (Kj) Danielsen, PTA, RYT, CBP

Exercise is my job. The human body and how it works is my passion. I was in college learning about the musculoskeletal system when I stumbled into my first Yoga class. It was like someone lit a fire inside of me. This dark space—my body—was totally new to me. Yoga illuminated everything inside of me as the poses (asanas) allowed me to experience the multitudes of connections in my body. I began to understand the muscles and the movements I was learning in books as they related to my body. Yoga brought the college classes to life.

               At first, my yoga practice was sporadic. I knew I felt good when I went to classes but I didn’t realize the impact a regular practice would have in my life. A part of me feared the power of refinement— the unity of mind and body brought to surface by yoga. So many people I’ve talked to hold the impression that all Yoga is “is a stretching thing” or that they can’t do it because “they aren’t flexible enough.”  Both these opinions address the true first obstacle to overcome: the mind.

               The mind says: “You are not enough,” or “You can’t.” Yoga simply offers the space to delve deeper, to quiet the mind and to see Who you are at core of your being. It wasn’t until I began Yoga Teacher Training that I found what was waiting for me at my center, literally my core.

               By day I work in the Physical Therapy department of an Orthopedic Surgeons office. When I began Teacher Training I took as many classes as I could in my spare time, roughly 4 per week. My coworkers were often spending their lunch hours using gym equipment, weights and various workouts to strengthen their bodies. One morning the guys were talking excitedly about a new plank they’d found. It was performed by placing feet on the wall and hands on the floor directly down from the shoulder, and then alternating bringing one knee to the chest and then the other. Words may not be able to do this particular plank justice but it’s a doozey. Something I wouldn’t have done as well without my Yoga training. While most of my “in shape” coworkers struggled with performing one round, I was able to perform a solid 5. I stopped when I realized they were all staring at me incredulously. They were looking at me like “Where did she come from?” when it hit me all I’d been doing was Yoga. My core had become super strong. Maybe part of me held the same surprise at my own abilities.

               By using my body in different combinations of asanas, and by continually challenging my muscles in new ways I was strengthening my neural pathways and my entire body in an extremely effective way. With Yoga I’d developed and refined my movements with strength and grace. No longer could my mind claim “You can’t.” With Yoga I found the power to say “I can”.

Elephant Journal

Spirit Rising Yoga teacher Kim Haas has many talents.  She is a mom, yoga teacher, writer, spiritual seeker & creative inspiration.  Now she is using all of these together as a writer and editor for Elephant Journal!  Come here each week to see what Kim as to offer about yoga, her path & the greater picture of life...

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