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Spirit Rising offers a different kind of experience...

An experience that is all about your personal growth and healing. Creating a yoga studio that is welcoming to all, soul nurturing and consciousness expanding. We believe in healing as a whole.  As we grow, we elevate the spirit in new ways. Shed heavy layers of tension, heal old wounds and tap into inner peace. Offering a variety of classes that support your personal journey.  From gentle and calming, to energizing and challenging.  You will always find a welcoming home on your mat.

Feed Your Spirit and watch it grow!


Resiliency through Mindfulness

We are challenged on a daily basis due to staggering change, complexity and disruption, including new technology, ever-evolving social norms, lack of time, political discord, and the pressure of instant communications. It can be difficult to meet these challenges and external resources can’t always be counted on, but durable inner strengths can be.
Through presentation and interactive exercises, this course discusses what mindfulness is, how to meet needs and develop inner strengths and also discusses the practices of mindful leaders in order to become more resilient resulting in less anxiety, irritation, disappointment, and resentment. When challenges are faced mindfully, they can be met from a place of calm, strength, and confidence.
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Offered by: Brenda Lindsay, founder of Mind Transformations LLC, offers consulting, coaching and training services to individuals and the business community in order to increase individual and workforce resiliency and productivity, reduce stress, improve health, awaken creativity and deepen insight and relationships.  Brenda is a certified meditation instructor, a certified professional and relationship coach and received an Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness graduate certificate from Western Michigan University.  Prior to committing herself fully to the wellness field, Brenda served in leadership roles at the Michigan Department of Treasury as the Administrator for the Office of Privacy and Security and as the Assistant Deputy Treasurer of Financial and Administrative Services. 



Spirit Rising Book Club

Join us on Saturday, January 25, 12:30 - 1:30!

Within every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. She is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women. But she is an endangered species. For though the gifts of wildish nature belong to us at birth, society’s attempt to “civilize” us into rigid roles has muffled the deep, life-giving messages of our own souls.

In Women Who Run with the Wolves, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés unfolds rich intercultural myths, fairy tales, folk tales, and stories, many from her own traditions, in order to help women reconnect with the fierce, healthy, visionary attributes of this instinctual nature. Through the stories and commentaries in this remarkable book, we retrieve, examine, love, and understand the Wild Woman, and hold her against our deep psyches as one who is both magic and medicine.

Dr. Estés has created a new lexicon for describing the female psyche. Fertile and life-giving, it is a psychology of women in the truest sense, a knowing of the soul.


Elephant Journal

Spirit Rising Yoga teacher Kim Haas has many talents.  She is a mom, yoga teacher, writer, spiritual seeker & creative inspiration.  Now she is using all of these together as a writer and editor for Elephant Journal!  Come here each week to see what Kim as to offer about yoga, her path & the greater picture of life...

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Follow each entry to Elephant Journal for the entire article and leave a note there with your thoughts.

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  • "After years of doing another form of exercise and not getting the results I truly wanted, I began looking into yoga, and through my search found Spirit Rising. Is it corny to say I’ve found an instant connection to a better me? Not only is my physical health improving in just a short time, but my mental and spiritual health as well. I am deeply indebted to this tribe for bringing me to this place of self awareness. And an extra bonus-my daughter has joined me, and for the first time in a long time, we are having better connections together"